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How To Consume Cannabis – 8 Different Ways

Cannabis, a plant with a rich history and diverse applications, offers various consumption methods to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of cannabis or an experienced user looking to explore different methods, understanding the various ways to consume cannabis can enhance your experience.

One of the great things about cannabis is there are multiple ways to consume it, so if you aren’t a fan of one method, you are free to try another way that’s more suitable for you! On the one had, the world is your oyster when it comes to cannabis consumption, you just have to find which method (s) works for you, but on the other hand, this can be a little overwhelming and/or confusing to navigate, especially if you are not an experienced smoker.

To help with this understanding, we have provided a small breakdown of the various methods to consume marijuana/cannabis so you can confidently choose one that works for you!

Keep in mind the onset and effects of each method will not be the same for each person and can be influenced by multiple personal factors such as age, sex, genetics, physical, and mental health. When attempting these methods, we encourage consumers to try cannabis products safely and at a slow pace, so to not overdo it.

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This breakdown is meant to provide a general understanding of each method, so before selecting a method, we recommend doing additional research to ensure it’s right for you



  • Description: Smoking is the most traditional method of consuming cannabis. It involves inhaling the smoke released by burning the dried flowers of the plant.
  • Methods:
    • Joints: Cannabis rolled in paper.
    • Bongs: Water pipes that cool the smoke.
    • Pipes: Small, portable devices.
  • Experience: Offers quick onset of effects, ideal for immediate relief.


This is the healthier alternative to combustion (smoking) as the cannabis is not being burned. The heating process releases the active components of the plant matter without burning it, which classifies vaporizing as a form of inhalation. It takes approximately 0-15 minutes for you to start feeling the effects, which may last 2-4 hours.


  • Description: Cannabis-infused food and drinks.
  • Types:
    • Baked Goods: Like brownies and cookies.
    • Gummies and Candies: For discreet consumption.
    • Beverages: Teas, sodas, and more.
  • Experience: Long-lasting effects, suitable for those who prefer not to inhale.
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As the word suggests, consuming cannabis by ingestion includes edibles, capsules, and infused beverages. This method typically produces a somatic effect which is felt more in the body, rather than a cerebral effect which is felt more in the head, essentially a body high vs. head high. It takes approximately 30 minutes – 3 hours for you to start feeling the effects, which may last 8+ hours.


This is the consumption of cannabis under your tongue, whether by tinctures, oils, and sprays, which gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. We recommend being a little more cautious with this method because it can prove to be more effective and take effect faster compared to ingesting. It takes approximately 15 minutes – 2 hours for you to start feeling the effects, which may last 2 – 6 hours.


  • Description: Cannabis extracts in alcohol or oil base.
  • Usage: Administered under the tongue or added to food.
  • Experience: Offers precise dosing and a balance between onset speed and duration.


  • Description: Cannabis-infused creams, balms, and lotions.
  • Application: Applied directly to the skin.
  • Experience: Ideal for localized relief, without psychoactive effects.
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  • Description: Highly potent cannabis extracts.
  • Varieties:
    • Shatter: Glass-like sheets.
    • Wax: Thick, sticky substance.
    • Oil: Used in dab rigs and vape pens.
  • Experience: Offers a more intense experience, best for experienced users.

Capsules and Pills:

  • Description: Precise doses of cannabis in pill form.
  • Use: Swallowed like any other pill.
  • Experience: Easy to dose, long-lasting effects, suitable for medical users.

The world of cannabis consumption is diverse and continually evolving. Each method offers a unique experience, from the immediacy of smoking and vaping to the prolonged effects of edibles and tinctures. Understanding these methods allows you to make informed decisions and find the consumption method that best suits your preferences and needs. Always consume responsibly and consider local laws and regulations.

Note: Cannabis consumption, especially for recreational purposes, is subject to legal restrictions in many regions. Always ensure that you are compliant with local laws and regulations regarding cannabis use

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