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Cannabis Vapes & Types of Vaporizers – User Guide 2024

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Have you heard about cannabis vapes? Vaping is the new way to get that same high without smoke. Vaping allows you to enjoy all the rich flavors of cannabis without the harmful chemicals of an ignited joint.

Vaporizers are just one of the many ways to consume cannabis. Also called weed vaporizors or bongs. The vaporizers of today are more advanced than ever before. We have spent countless hours researching just about every vaporizer that has hit the market to help you make an informed buying decision.

Vaping cannabis is easy, discreet, and arguably healthier, with each type of vape having its benefits. But figuring out your first vaporizer can be complicated since different types are used for flowers or concentrates.

With vaporizers looking like pharmaceutical pens, it isn’t too difficult to tell the user the intention of these products. However, these users need to know more than what kind of device is for sale before buying it.

To make it even more helpful, we have separated the types of vaporizers and listed them below. You can find more information at our blog post here on vaporization if you’re not familiar.

thesmokebomb vapes cannabis vaporizer halifax buy online weed

What are Vaporizers?

The process of vaping cannabis involves heating cannabis flowers or concentrates to a temperature that turns the active cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor. Most vaporization devices are engineered to heat cannabis products just below the point of combustion, which ranges from 180 to 190 degrees Celsius. Compared to smoking, which can burn off many terpenes and minor cannabinoids present in flowers, vaping cannabis can activate more of those compounds.

Regardless of vaporizer, there are three main types: tabletop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape or “hash oil” pens. The distinguishing feature of cannabis vapes is that they allow you to inhale cannabis vapor.

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Vaporizer Pros

Vaporizing Cannabis has some unique advantages over smoking:**Precise temperature control** – Most vaporizers offer a range of temperatures, allowing you to pick the most comfortable temperature for you.

  • Flexibility to use whatever flower or concentrates you want – Almost all vaporizers can be used with flowers, and many can also be used with concentrates, like oils and waxes.
  • Reusable, minimizing packaging waste – Vaporizers can be reused using a technique called “baking,” where you heat the oven chamber without inserting flowers or concentrates. This allows you to get additional uses out of your vaporizer.
  • Portability – While some vaporizers are not very portable, some on the market are relatively compact.
  • Less harsh on the lungs – Studies have shown that vaporizing is less harsh than smoking and produces less shortness of breath, coughing, and mucus production.

Vaporizer Cons

  • Not very portable – Vaporizers are not as portable as other methods of consuming cannabis, such as edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more. Some units like the Pax 2 and Grasshopper are pretty small and discreet; however, others like desktop units are larger
  • Requires some effort to learn how to use
  • Can get expensive

Types Of Vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers are a convenient alternative to portable handheld vaporizers. They allow you to consume your cannabis in a more similar way to smoking. The difference is that the heat source stays in place with tabletop vaporizers, while with handheld units, the heating chamber is portable, and you inhale directly from the unit. Tabletop vaporizers are stationary temperature control units that require a solid surface.

Tabletop Vapes come in many varieties, including some that use a bag for vapor collection and others that use a long tube to deliver the vapor. With this easier-to-use type of desktop vaporizer, you’ll be able to pull thick clouds in no time. You won’t need to know how to vape cannabis to appreciate this product – after automating what is traditionally a complicated process, you’ll be pulling thick white.

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Tabletop vaporizers come in many varieties, but all have the same core features: a temperature dial, a heating element, and a mouthpiece attachment. The heating element heats your cannabis or concentrates on producing a vapor that you can inhale into your lungs.

The heating element needs to be heated to a specific temperature for vaporization to occur. The temperature dial allows for precise temperature control, which helps prevent combustion and reduces waste by ensuring you’re only vaporizing your product.

Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are handheld vaporizers operated in much the same way as tabletop models (though they are more portable). They include a chamber to hold the cannabis flower or concentrate, a heating element, and a battery.

Most portable vaporizers contain variable temperature control devices that are operated with the click of a button or turn of a small dial. This activates the battery, which heats the element and vaporizes the flower or concentrates within the chamber, sending it into the mouthpiece for inhalation.

If you want to consume a wide range of cannabis products, look for a portable vaporizer that can accommodate different types of concentrate. Dry herb, wax, and hybrid vapes work with flowers and concentrate equally well, so consider getting the PAX 3.

Vape pens

Here is what you need to know about pens, otherwise known as vape pens. Vape pens are designed for vaping cannabis distillates and oils. If you encounter the terms discussed in this article, they likely refer to vape pens.

One of the best disposables is a reusable vape pen consisting of a battery and pre-filled cartridges. These are great since you only have to replace the cartridge once you ‘ve vaporized all its contents.

However, some users are unaware that they need to use disposable batteries at the same time. Every vaper has preferences that dictate their pen battery of choice. Button-style batteries are often preferred because the user can see the pressure exerted.

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An electrical current activates vape cartridges filled with oils or distillates. This technology is fast-growing in popularity because the cartridges are easy to transport and require less energy consumption than smoking marijuana would take.

Many people enjoy vaporizing as a way to ingest cannabis. New studies show that this method of ingestion is better for you than smoking because it is done at significantly lower temperatures and doesn’t produce harmful tar or carcinogens.

Due to conflicting findings, more research into the long-term impacts of cannabis vaporization needs to be conducted. Still, studies are backing up the perceived health benefits of this consumption method. A 2007 study conducted in Harm Reduction Journal observed self-reported respiratory symptoms in participants who used cigarettes and cannabis.

The study found that while vaporization increased the amount of cannabis consumed, it also decreased respiratory symptoms in regular cannabis users who smoke. They concluded that the vaporization temperature is “cool enough to avoid the smoke and toxins associated with combustion.

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What is a dab pen?

One type of vape pen which is more likely to use vape cartridges containing oil or distillate rather than concentrates is the standard vape pen. A dab pen is designed for consuming concentrates containing little or no THC, which most often come in wax form. It would typically contain the same inner components as a regular vape pen; the only difference would be that the concentrate would be placed into the heating chamber rather than loaded into a cartridge.

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